Halloween 1999

A photo of my room decoration, before the party started...

First, take a sip of our welcome-cocktails!

Don't be afraid of their creepy look, they are all good friends!

Our cocktails: Sucking Vampire, Sonic Blaster, Big Chill, Freezer, Spock

Suddenly my room was occupied by some strange creatures.

...playing \"Maexchen\"...

Get a bite of biscuit or of our bloody-cake.

My the room of my collegue and some of his guests...

Don't be afraid of this \"Bear\"-Vampire!

...when alcohol is doing its job.

The backside of a Halloweenparty.

The backside of a Halloweenparty.


Look, there is an cobweb!

Short break!

Belive it or not!

Chill out at our balcony.

...what the hell is doing the Vampire-Bear to his Eva?

.....at the end... most of us were tired...